Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tristan's Snow Day

So far this year we have only had a small amount of snow...but I have found that no amount of snow is too small for boys! Tristan and Seth couldn't wait to get outside and run around! They loved throwing snow at each other and trying to scare me by walking on the ice...BOYS WILL BE BOYS! Tristan wasn't sure at first but he soon found out how much fun snow is!
Trowing snowballs at each other!
Later on that night I made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing and I let the boys decorate their own. They had a blast!

Choo Choo Tristan Turned 2!

Tristan is in love with Trains so this year he had a Thomas the Train birthday party. He got some great gifts (even some big boy underwear!) He loved his choo choo cake!
Tristan and his cousin Seth are best friends and share everything!
Tristan loved opening his presents. This one was big so he decided to lay on it and open it that way! he eventually got it and it was a tent with a tunnel!
Blowing out his candles!
We want to thank everyone who made Tristan's birthday extra special this year! We are so blessed to have a wonderful family!

A special visit for a special boy on his birthday!

Some very special friends came to visit Tristan on his birthday..mommy's friends (Amber and April)...and his besties Ema and Alec! They drove all the way from Arkansas to spend time with Tristan on his birthday! Family photo of us on Tristan's birthday!
MMM Tristan loves Ted's Restaurant! Can't you tell by all the cheese on his face! Well, he loved it until they stuck the sombrero on his head and tried to sing happy birthday to him :)
Tristan driving Ema around in his truck! My son pulled a couple of hit and runs this day and Ema wanted out LOL.
It was so wonderful that April and Amber were able to come up, even if it was just for the day! I had so much fun and it made me realize how much I miss my Arkansas friends!

Tristan had a cake on his birthday at 9:20pm..he was on a sugar high until midnight :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Tristan decided today was a Thomas the Train shirt, duck hunter hat, spongebob gloves and bear feet kind of day. Isn't he just the cutest thing you ever saw?
Now you can see why I love this little boy so much :)

First Bubble Bath

Today Tristan got his first bubble bath. I bought him some bubble bath for his birthday but today he get it a few days early and you will know why when you see the last picture! washing his face like a big boy!
helping his cousin Seth wash his hair too!
and.....this is why he got a bubble bath...he gave himself a goatee with a silver sharpie marker...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bentley's NEW Bed!

Bentley our Great Dane has needed a soft new bed for a while and the fact that she has started using out couch as her bed made me get in the creative mode. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on as much fabric I was going to need to make one for her size of a dog so I used an old top sheet from our bed. I first cut it to the size I wanted and then I sewed around the edges, leaving enough of a little pocket to stuff it(I had tons of stuffing left over from an old project)..Then I had Tristan and Seth stuff it (they loved helping out) and then I sewed up the pocket area and waaalaaa we have a dog bed! So if you count the stuffing it probably cost me $3 to make!
The boys loved helping out!
The bed.
Yep, Bentley loves her new bed!

I love this!!!

Umm I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this stuff is! It's truely a miracle for snacks on the go! First of all, there is NO mess and it's 100% fruit! You just simply twist the cap off of it and let the kid suck out the apple sauce..BTW it's not super sour either! It works great with Tristan when we are out somewhere and he start hollering he's hungry and there isn't the mess you get with crackers or something like that. I found it on one of those shelves whe you are checking out at know the ones lol...they are there to tempt you to buy more stuff and very tempting for kids to touch EVERYTHING! Probably the best buy I have made so far this season!